Unboxing Experience: from “nice-to-have” to “a must”

When coming back home from supermarket, we usually don’t take photos of the milk carton when extracted from the shopping bag. But there are YouTube channels and Instagram pages exclusively dedicated to unboxing.

Sharing videos and photos of the unboxing is comparable to discarding a birthday gift in front of our friends. An experience that we feel the need to share.
In recent years, unboxing has gone from being a holiday pleasure to a weekly ritual. Large and small brands look to unboxing as a powerful marketing tool.

On the other hand, on your birthday, would you be happy receiving this?

A neat package seems to say: “someone has made this gift for you very carefully. You should be very important to him / her if he has dedicated time and effort to you. ”

No business on earth would want their customers to feel treated like shipping addresses linked to a virtual transaction.

The advantages of a great unboxing experience

1. Tell your story

Introducing yourself and smiling as you enter your neighbors’ home is common sense, not marketing. It is no different when we talk about delivering our products to our customers’ doors.

Introducing yourself, in terms of brand, can mean answering a few simple questions:
– How did your brand get to today?
– What makes you different from others in your sector?
– What are the promises you can make to your customers?

Every little step during unboxing can tell about your brand, composing the narrative of the brand piece by piece like a puzzle.

2. Leave a positive note

The last impressions are as important as the first. Product delivery is actually the last point of contact that your customer will have with your brand, so your job is to turn it into memorable.

From an economic point of view, moreover, it costs much less to maintain a customer than to acquire a new one. Brand loyalty does not simply concern the fact that the product is “good”. In any industry, there are at least a dozen brands that are probably making a “good” product like you.

What makes a lasting bond with your customers is the very famous, highly inflated, highly sought after “wow factor”.

3. Open new doors

Building a good unboxing experience is not at no cost: in addition to designing, you need to invest in production and if you think that the experience will be lived by a single person who may have purchased the least expensive product in the shop, it seems difficult to justify the cost.

But what if the same experience is experienced by many people, who perhaps have never bought on your site?
In the social media world this possibility is real. Social media and unboxing are virtual bread and butter.

An image or video of someone who receives your product, discards it with amazement and describes every little detail of it can allow your brand to reach potential customers that are difficult to reach in other ways.

How to create a perfect unboxing experience

Use branded boxes. Nothing could be simpler: to create a successful unboxing experience, the box cannot simply be a normal box. It must be YOUR box.

Unique packaging materials. Think “out of the box” when it comes to packaging materials. Try to replace simple scotch with string, paper with newspaper pages in your language, or a simple bubble wrap with very fragrant hay (such as Agriturismo Ferdy, one of our cheese-making customers). To make your unboxing unique it is important to use materials that speaks about your brand: materials related to your history, the place of production or your philosophy

Think about the presentation. The presentation inside the package is as important as the outside. Imagine opening the box and being able to see the product from the front, in its bespoke seat, surrounded by inserts each in its place. It is not an easy goal to achieve: there are studies and tests to complete, but the result is absolutely worth the effort.

Include only useful inserts. Inserts are a very useful tool, because they are much more effective than simple newsletters. For example, you could email customers a discount coupon to thank them for their purchase, but the coupon is much more likely to be used if they find a paper coupon inside the box. Other fun and playful additions are a great way to extend the shopping experience. But be careful not to overdo the inserts: an excessive number of printed items or gadgets of little value could result as a boring commercial action, very similar to those that daily fill our mailboxes.

Consider a free sample. The perception of “added value” is what makes a truly unique unboxing experience. Everything beyond the purchase is something unexpected, and therefore something that can positively affect the customer. Free samples or previews of products not yet on sale are an excellent way to thank your customers and generate interest in your business.

Customize. Customize. Customize. From the handwritten postcard, to the name on the package, to a signed polaroid, personalizing is the key. If the person receiving the package has the perception that it was made for him, knowing his name and perhaps his tastes, he will hardly forget this purchase. The charm of the tailor who has taken your measurements, of the barman who calls you by your name or of the chef who knows your tastes is timeless.


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    When coming back home from supermarket, we usually don’t take photos of the milk carton when extracted from the shopping bag.

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