Excellent products deserve something more.

We believe in research and creativity. We know there’s a way to make things for people who cares. We care about culture, environment, beauty and simplicity. We shape ideas that make a brand unique and the details which make of a simple package a piece of art.

Bergamo, Italy
Via Costantina 12

art /ɑːt/ Expression of human creative skill and imagination producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.


Collect data, visit places and interview people, digging into the past or trying to predict future scenarios in search of an object or thought, which fully represents, with its uniqueness, the essence of a product. Our exploration is not only about concepts but also techniques: new materials and inks are only a small part of what makes a simple packaging an emotional object.


Brand identity
Bespoke packaging
Events communication
Marketing tools
Names e slogans

Print supervision
Product Photography
Social e newsletter
Web design

We are researchers before being designers. All of our creations are based on fresh concepts and supported by hand-picked illustrators, photographers and printers.


Ideas, researches, stories, pics, scans, interviews, books, moodboards, people


Interpretations, dreams, drafts, prints, cuts, mockups, lights, samples


Materials, quotes, emails, calendars, proofs, prints, tests, labels, packs, photos


Sheets, docs, websites, calls, shops, networks, blogs, graphics, events

Our studio is located in Bergamo and has been specializing in identity and packaging design. We’re now slowly growing – in size, compentencies and ambitions. Write us at creative@salvatoresantaniello.it


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