Phase Zero


Start talking about your goals and how to achieve them through our onboarding process. Be ready for the toughest question: what makes your product unique?

Let’s get to work!

Phase One


We are tailors in a way. We need to take measures. You can send us a sample of your bottle, jar or dispenser. Alternatively, we can use technical sheets to print a 3D specimen.

Tools: 3D Printer, a reliable shipping service

Phase Two


The new packaging began to take shape. After discarding many ideas and preserving the best we’ll show you our early drafts with some realistic 3D designs.

Tools: Creativity, an experienced art director

Phase Three


Here comes the fun. We’ll design ad hoc elements, write power copy and choose the right print techniques to create an original eye-catching package. During this step we schedule a couple of reviews.

Tools: Precision, a great design team

Phase Four


We’ll make sure that our projects comply with the regulations in force in the countries where you intend to sell your product. We know how delicate this stage is.

Tools: A kick-ass law consultant

Phase Five


All the creative work become solid. We’ll make a physical prototype and send it to you to make sure that the new package will be as we expected.

Tools: Fine Paper samples, Digital Printers

Final Phase


Our deliverables pack includes the print-ready artworks, production notes and a digital preview. It’s important for us to give you everything you need to produce the new package with your trusted manufacturers.

Tools: Smiles, a reliable shipping service

It-depends-on-you Phase


There are many others aspects on which we can help you: from the quotes requests to the print supervision, from the final pack shots to a brand new online store. It all starts with a package that stands out and it will be a pleasure to plan the further steps together.

If you’d like to talk about your product you could start our onboarding process.

If instead you are brainstorming on new possibilities write us using the form below. We love to share ideas with brave entrepreneurs.


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