A design team extremely focused on packaging design allows to optimize processes and gain time for reasearch, creativity and details. In other words: “Being a generalist design agency forces you to hire generalist employees and your offering will be average at best” cit.


Focusing on package design has helped us to define a precise workflow which we apply smoothly to every design project. Applying a well defined working method means for a design team to be able to concentrate on the idea that makes the project unique and the details that makes the product really captivating. In broad terms, here it is:


We are tailors in a way. We need to take measures. You can provide us with a sample of your bottle, jar or dispenser. Alternatively, we can use technical sheets to print a 3D specimen.


The project began to take shape. After discarding many ideas and preserving the best we’ll show you the brand new eye-catching package using realistic renderings.


We’ll make sure that our projects comply with the regulations in force in the countries where you intend to sell your product. We know how delicate this stage is.


All the creative work become solid. We’ll make a physical prototype to make sure that the new package will be as we expected.


Print-ready artworks, production notes and a digital preview. It’s important for us to provide our clients and manufacturers with everything they need to produce the new package.


There are many others aspects on which we can help you: from the quotes requests to the print supervision, from the final pack shots to a brand new online store. It all starts with a package that stands out and represents your vision.

If you’d like to talk about your product you could start our onboarding process.

If you are brainstorming on new possibilities write us using the form below. We love to share ideas with brave entrepreneurs.


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