Timeless beauty.

Wellness rituals along the historic Via Mercatorum.

The renowned Via Mercatorum in Val Brembana was crossed by artists, poets and traders, who exchange products since medieval times. The old market took place under majestic galleries, supported by wonderful stone arches.

The combination of these peculiarities has inspired the design of the new cosmetics. The visual creates a direct link between the product and the location. Using a QR code on the label, you can discover how to use the product, the origin of the ingredients and how to book a ritual at the spa.

Label printed on
Arconvert Constellation Snow Country
Ultra WS (Waterproof)


Giovanni Marchesi

San Faustino Group

A journey through time.

These unique architectural elements characterize the structure of the Ferdy Spa, built with the stones from the Brembo river that flows nearby. A characteristic stone arch welcomes guests with sobriety and elegance at the entrance of the wellness area.

“The combination of an embossed paper and wooden details, gives the packaging an extremely natural effect, consistent with the Agriturismo Ferdy‚Äôs philosophy.”

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