Antonio’s wines are not only complex, natural and award-winning. These wines can speak.

Antonio Lecchi is the renowned director of the Casa Virginia winery. He believes his wine can tell a very important story: the story of his family. The Casa Virginia wines are inspired by Bergamo’s legends, and their labels are the representation of the mythological characters that populate them. On those labels, symbology is very important: the rose (the winery logo) recalls the former rose garden where the new vineyard was grown. The ad hoc illustrations, the natural ivory paper and the references to Bergamo’s dialect, create a close relationship between the taster and the owner’s family, even before having visited their fairy-tale Estate

Label printed on
Arconvert Materica Limestone
Ultra WS (Waterproof)
2-color flexography
Anna Arzuffi

Etichette Tebaldini

The two metallic inks give the illustration an eye-catching realistic graphite effect on the paper

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