Labelado interview: Amaro del Ferdy packaging design

Labelado is a printer with great experience in label production. Below you can find their interview (here the original post) about the design project of the iconic Amaro del Ferdy.

Describe us your work. What do you do, what are your peculiarities and your creative approach and a new project.

We deal with brand identity and packing design and our studio is in Bergamo. We like to call ourselves researchers before being designers: we collect data, visit places and interview people digging into the past or trying to predict future scenarios in search of an object or a thought that fully represents, with its uniqueness, the essence of a product. Our research is not only about concepts but also about techniques: new materials and inks are only a small part of what makes a simple packaging an emotional object. 

Tell us a little about the Agriturismo Ferdy and the product you dressed.

Agriturismo Ferdy is a family business, which from the kitchen to the online shop, has the aim to enhance raw mountain materials and the traditions of its territory. What makes them unique is the skilful use of the wild herbs, that can be found in the recipes cooked by the chef,  in the wellness area through the treatments with essential oil or in the precious jars on the shelves of the boutique. 

It is from the mix of these wild herbs, hand-picked in the woods of Val Brembana valley, that Amaro del Ferdy is born. This liquor production is very limited and changes according to the availability of nature: each infusion brings with it nuances that express the diversity and the continuous changes of the environment. 

From the initial brief to the last word of the customer, what were your requests? And what were your goals instead?

The desire of The Ferdy family was to communicate the dedication and the hard work at the base of the  harvest of non- cultivated, therefore spontaneous, herbs.  The goal we set was to sum up in the essential packaging, the authenticity of this product and the mountain as a lifestyle.

What could be more authentic than a photograph?

The little goat you can see in the picture is an Orobic Goat, an endangered native breed that climbs among the rocks looking for the best herbs: just as the older members of the Ferdy family have done for generations. 

Each botanical brings along its secrets about its uses in the kitchen or as a medicine. Achillea, Genziana, Menta and Timo: we told about them in a precious recipe book that we attach to the  about 600 bottles  produced every year. 


Amaro del Ferdy label design packaging santaniello design studio
Orobic Goat in Val d’Inferno (Brembana Valley, Bergamo)

Describe your feelings when you saw the finished project. Did the end product reflect your idea? Do the chosen processes reflect what you imagined?

The first feelling was to have in our hands a bottle of an old- fashioned pharmacy. Its shape, the wooden detail and the textured paper, helped us to achieve the wild effect, we were looking for.

Describe the Labelado service in a few words. Was it as you expected?

We had a great time right from the start. We received support quickly and with precise answers. The choice of paper is very important and we are happy to have found a partner that works with high quality adhesive materials.


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