Cosmetic packaging restyling: Orobic Milk Beauty Case History

Ferdy’s cosmetic line “Montagna Pura” had the right stuff: an excellent natural product, a story to tell and consistent with the company philosophy. With the birth of the new ecommerce, an element emerged that needed to be revisited: packaging.

The original packaging wasn’t able to communicate the product’s strenghts (natural ingredients, sustainability and history) and above all it was not suitable for an ecommerce grid.

In this article we talked about how to optimize a packaging for online sales. Check it out before continuing.

1. Packaging

The first goal of this restyling was to find the right package. Together with Nicolò and Nicole from Agriturismo Ferdy we looked for the solution keeping in mind Materials and Funcionality. We were looking for natural feeling, good product conservation and simplified application.

Cosmetica Ferdy label design packaging santaniello design studio
Wood details, natural paper and dispenser

We chose opaque white packages combined with raw wood details with dispenser caps wherever possible.

2. Naming

Up to this point products were being called in a generic and impersonal way. For example “Body Milk” or “Bath Shower”. In creating the new names we mixed English and the local dialect (Bergamo) trying to vividly suggest their origin.

Cosmetica Ferdy label design packaging santaniello design studio
Naming = english + local dialect

Body Milk has become Body Lach while Bath Shower Gel is now called Fiur de Shower.

3. Labels

The old labels featured the illustration of an Orobic Goat as the foreground. We preferred to completely revise the subject, in favor of a characteristic element of Ferdy’s Spa: an arch made of stones that recalls the typical local architecture.

A journey through time.

Orobic Milk Beauty concept
Concept: local architecture along Via Mercatorum
The renowned Via Mercatorum in Val Brembana was crossed by artists, poets and traders, who exchanged products since medieval times. The old market took place under majestic galleries, supported by wonderful stone arches. These unique architectural elements characterize the structure of the Ferdy Spa, built with the stones from the Brembo river that flows nearby. A characteristic stone arch welcomes guests with sobriety and elegance at the entrance of the wellness area.

We have collected extremely positive feedbacks from customers who willingly buy products both in boutiques and on the online shop.

Cosmetica Ferdy label design packaging santaniello design studio

Designed by Santaniello Design Studio, labels printed by Sanfaustino Label, cardboard boxes realized by Novecento Grafico, both with metallic inks on Fedrigoni and Arconvert papers.

The combination of an embossed paper and wooden details, gives the packaging an extremely natural effect, consistent with the Agriturismo Ferdy’s philosophy.

If you enjoyed this case history, take a look to our portfolio or  contact us.

Orobic Milk Beauty products can be purchased on Agriturismo Ferdy’s e-commerce.


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