I’m a professional italian graphic designer, focused on visual solutions for the food and beverage industry. I was born in eighty-nine, the best summer for movies ever.

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Wine and spirits

Food excellence

Luxury products


Over time I have enriched my artistic background and communications studies with a professional qualification course for Sommelier and marketing notions in the food business.

This specialization has made me a design consultant with an exceptional understanding of the industry. The results are solutions that garner both critical acclaim and a measurable return on investment.

Methods and process:


Design process

Futher steps


“Being a generalist design agency forces you to hire generalist employees and your offering will be average at best.”

A design team extremely focused on packaging design allows to optimize processes and gain time for reasearch, creativity and details.  Discover more about our design process.

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Write me at creative@salvatoresantaniello.it or using this form:


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